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Computer bracket of the mill control
Computer bracket of the mill control
On December 2003, the enterprise Prommetiz put into operation a modern wire mill, manufactured by a German firm KOCH, with the output of 2 thousand tonnes per month and a heat treatment area with the output of 300 tonnes per month. KOCH’s mill 1600/5 contains:
  • Unreeling device for supplying a drawbench with rolled wire;
  • Line of preparation of the rolled wire to be drawn for refinement of the rolled wire surface from the cinder and for applying a lubricating layer;
  • Wire-drawing blocks for plastic deformation of the rolled wire and for wire manufacture;
  • Area of wire coiling to make the bundles in the form of a spool or “rosette” type.
Heat treatment area consists of:
  • 2 electric annealing kilns of the mining type;
  • 2 cooling pits;
  • area of the load-unload of muffles with wire.
The management of the workshop activity is conducted from the engineering department, situated over processing lines and provided with the computer system of the equipment control.